​​​In order to accomplish our mission, we provide programs to the public to include the following programs:                              

“Lower It or Lose It”…Healthy Hearing Program for Tweens and Teens

-off site program to teach tweens and teens about hearing and how to protect   their hearing from damage and hearing loss.

Healthy Hearing and Resources Program

-provides information on resources and local programs on hearing loss and tinnitus.

-provides free hearing protection.

Hearing Tests and Healthy Ear Examinations

-provides free and low cost hearing tests and heathy ear examinations by a licensed audiologist.

Hearing Aid Program

-provides free and low costs hearing aids to individuals with hearing loss.

-provides loaner hearing aids to individuals.

Community Education Program

 -provides free education seminars, brochures and printed materials to the general public.

About Us

Here2Hear President, Vice President, Secretary and a committee member pictured with Lois Boyle (Center) President of Access Virginia and VDDHH employees.  


Free Hearing Screenings at Richmond County RAM 

Access  Virginia Sensory Dinner   March 2018


​​Helping  Everyone in the Community with Access to Improved Hearing Health.

We also are big supporters of local community and national organizations that help to support individuals with hearing loss.

Free Hearing Screenings for Back to School Event

Bellemead Community Center 


Our mission is to prevent poor hearing health .


Our organization is run by volunteers from the Richmond and Surrounding areas.


Our programs provide individuals assistance with hearing healthcare.

HERE2HEAR is an organization that provides a host of free and low cost services and programs related to hearing healthcare for children and adults in the Richmond and Tri-cities area. Our board include a variety of professionals in hearing healthcare and individuals in the community who serve voluntarily for one main cause. Our mission is to prevent poor hearing health by providing:

-educational services through seminars and written materials.
-hearing aids and devices for individuals who need assistance with their hearing who may not be able to afford them.
-resources for individuals in the local area.
-advocacy for individuals with hearing loss.
-improvements in hearing healthcare.
-local organizations with similar interests with support to enhance the overall goals of assisting the public with improved hearing and hearing health.