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Lower It or Lose It! Healthy Hearing Teen Program

Teens are at an age where they are making decisions for themselves,        so it is important for them to understand how to maintain healthy hearing, especially in environments that could potentially cause permanent hearing loss and tinnitus. (i.e. band practice, concerts, listening to music with headphones, etc.) 

We would like to introduce you to our Lower It or Lose It (LILI)...Healthy Hearing Teen Program. It is an interactive program designed specifically for children ages 13-17. There is no cost to become involved with the program. It is presented by individuals involved with the hearing loss community or that have hearing loss within our Here2hear organization, to include an audiologist. The program is held at various locations in the Richmond, Henrico, Chesterfield and the Tri-cities areas.  Participants in the program will be engaged in games and interactive activities that will educate them on the following topics:       

Hearing loss
Understanding how to damage your hearing (How loud is too loud)
Understanding Hearing Protection 
Hearing Loss Prevention
Preventing bullying in teens with hearing loss

In addition to onsite activities, each participant will receive a packet that contains a host of information for parents and guardians. We encourage that each parent and teen review this information and have a discussion about healthy hearing habits and how teens can protect their hearing. 

In order to get more teens more involved with hearing health and the Lower It or Lose It program, we also recruit teen ambassadors within each school. Teen ambassadors assist us with the program and help "spread the word" on better hearing in teens. This keeps the education portion of our program ongoing among teens and their peers.

If you would like to schedule a meeting to discuss the program or have this program available at your school or facility,  please feel free to contact us at      (804) 774-8311 or send us an email at here2_hear@aol.com. 

        Lower It or Lose It  (LILI) Program

 A healthy hearing education program for teens