​​Helping  Everyone in the Community with Access to Improved Hearing Health.


Lower It or Lose It! Healthy Hearing Teen Program

Tweens/ Teens are at an age where they are making decisions for themselves, so it is important for them to understand how to maintain healthy hearing, especially in environments that could potentially cause permanent hearing loss and tinnitus. (i.e. band practice, concerts, etc.) 

OurLower It or Lose It ...Healthy Hearing Tween/Teen Program

​Is an interactive program design specifically for children ages 12-17. The programs are held at various locations in the Richmond and Tri-cities area.  Participants will be engaged in games and interactive activities that will educate them on the following topics:       

  • Hearing loss
  • Understanding how to damage your hearing (How loud is too loud)
  • Understanding Hearing Protection 
  • Helping Teens to prevent bullying for teens with hearing loss.

Participants will be engaged in games and interactive activities Each child will receive a packet that contains information filled with a host of information for Parents and Tween/Teens such as:  
- Why teach Tweens about Noise Induced Hearing Loss.
- Noise: Keeping it Down At Home.
- Teaching Tweens and Teens About Hearing Protectors.                                      - Sound Advise on Hearing Protection for Young Ears.
- Protect Their Hearing: What Parents Can Do.
- How Loud Is Too Loud? How Long is Too Long.

We encourage that both parents and tween/teen review this information and have a discussion about healthy hearing habits and how tweens/teen can protect their hearing. 

In order to get more Teens/Tweens involved with hearing health and the Lower It or Lose it program, we recruit teen ambassadors which will assist us in the program but also discuss the program with other teens to help "spread the word" on better hearing in teens.

For more information or to have our program come to your facility, click here to send us an email or call us at    

(804) 774-8311.