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Effective communication for individuals with hearing loss in emergency situations

                     This page will be updated monthly with our progress and various projects to assist with this matter. 

With the rash of emergencies that occur in society, it is important for individuals with hearing loss to be prepared.  More importantly, facilities to include apartment complexes, business, etc should practice effective communication and have a plan in place so no one is left behind. We would like to bring awareness to the importance of effective communication during emergency situations and assist in improving this matter in the local community. Our project in 2018 is to tackle this matter.  Our Goals for this project consists of the following:

  1. Develop an Effective Communication Committee to address emergency response communication for deaf and hard of hearing individuals.
  2. Publish a public survey to collect effective communication data for individual with hearing loss to assist with this project.
  3. Begin developing Effective Communication Emergency Kits to distribute to Deaf and individuals with hearing loss.
  4. Develop a proposal to go before the General Counsel to address public facilities ( i.e. apartment complexes) emergency personnel, etc. on effective communication for individuals who are deaf and with hearing loss in emergency situations.
  5. Develop an example effective communication emergency packet that will include ADA information for individuals with hearing loss and for public facilities to include apartments and nursing homes. 


          Progress Report

April 2018:

Development of an Effective Communication Committee:

  • This group will consist of local  individuals with experience in the areas of emergency response, hearing loss, public health and emergency preparedness.
  • ​Meeting Date: April 25, 2018 from 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm
  •  Discussion of the development and appropriateness of the effective communication emergency kits. These kits will be distributed in October. Location and Date TBD. 
  • An email was sent to a local legislator, however, there was NOT a response.

May 2018

  • Meeting with potential partners for assistance in making the kit and with marketing the distribution kits.
  • Design and development communication logo and decals.
  • Set up sources for community donations.

June 2018:

  • Set up locations for distributions of kits. Locations are set in Henrico, Richmond, Tricities Chesterfield pending
  •  Meeting with DMV to discuss Hard of Hearing resources that could be used in emergency situations
  • ​Re-contact  local legislator regarding effective communication in emergency situations.
  • Began registration for Kit distribution to receive a free Effective Communication Emergency Kit.

July 2018

  • 2nd Effective communication committee meeting