Our mission is to prevent poor hearing health.


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We would like to thank everyone for participating in Our virtual townhall meeting: Addressing Concerns with Effective Communication for Deaf, Deaf Blind and Hard of Hearing Virginians During COVID-19. The use of Video Relay Interpretation, Sign Language Interpreters and Personal Support Personnel at Testing Sites,Hospitals and Health Facilities

Questions that were provided from participants included: ( the answer to the questions are in blue)

  • " I am DeafBlind so I cant see VRI very well. So i need face to face interpreter for tactile American Sign Language. How long will interpreter show up for ER?"

​Since each medical facility is different, the time it will take for a tactile interpreter to show up to the ER will vary.  If possible, contact the medical facility prior to arriving and let them know what you need. 

  • "My most concern is VRI as I have nothing against VRI BUT it is not good for any Deaf, HH, and DB with limited language or vision. they have required CDI or DI or Certified ASL interpreter who is able to ASL their language or doing Pro-tactile. My question of what can you do to make sure it will be accessible for them all the way? " 

The individual that utilizes VRI should express any problems and concerns to the hospitals or medical facility supplying the service. Individuals should let the hospital know what they need, especailly, if they can be notified prior to the visit.

  • "Will the guideline written by VA doh be reviewed  and then updated? it was done about three or four years ago."

following the bill, HB 1156 by Del Orrick.  im seeing a few changes over the time,, like SVI,, term. 

​​The Townhall meeting was focused around communication during COVID-19.  It is recommended that more exploration outside of Here2Hear is required to answer this question.

  • Language services provisions and its quality in a healthcare setting vary widely: Use of staff interpreters or outside contracted agency service? Staff coordinator or off-site agency coordinator?DeafBlind tactile interpretation or CDI provision?Cultural competency and disability sensitivity and awareness training?VRI services, but which company is used and with what equipment and size of screen (stand-alone unit; iPad; notebook; cell phone, etc.)? Signal strength and connectivity throughout the healthcare facility?  Staff training to locate and set up VRI equipment?  IT troubleshooting available 24/7? Patient’s right to refuse when VRI is ineffective and/or inappropriate and back-up plan? Accessible and timely grievance process?
     How is this information to be obtained before going to a testing site, clinic, doctor’s office, or hospital for COVID-19 concerns or in an emergency?

    Some of this information can be obtained prior to the visit. It is advisable for individuals to contact their local medical facility to asks these questions.  Questions regarding testing sites can be addressed by the testing facility or the Virginia Department of Health https://www.vdh.virginia.gov/coronavirus/.



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HERE2HEAR is a 501 (c3) charitable organization that provides a host of free services and programs related to hearing healthcare for children and adults in the Richmond and the surrounding areas.  Our mission is to prevent poor hearing health.




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As a result of COVID -19, our office is closed to the public and programs have ceased. That doesn"t stop us from assisting the community.  We are still available. Please feel free to email, text or call us if you need assistance to include resources.