The 2016 Here2hear Gala Benefit was a success. Thank you to all of our sponsors:

Virginia Department for the Deaf and Hard of Hear

Virginia Relay

Hamilton Relay

Virginia Professional Hearing Centers

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A community organization making a difference.

HERE2HEAR is a not for profit organization that provides a host of free and low cost services and programs related to hearing healthcare for children and adults in the Richmond and Tri-cities area.  Our mission is to prevent poor hearing health.



the Community


Hearing Health

The purpose of this project is to:
1. Educate individuals about hearing loss.
2. Reduce stereotypes associated with hearing loss.
3. Understand individual’s perception on a life with hearing loss.
4. Understand attitudes and behaviors about hearing loss.

Participant Criteria:
1. Age 18 or older.
2. Healthy ears free of disease.
3. No signs or symptoms of hearing loss.
Participants will wear ear plugs for five consecutive days and complete questionnaires via email or mail. Some individuals will be asked to voluntarily participate in a focus group to review the project. Individual identity will not be provided on any of the questionnaires submitted.
For more information or to participate,  call (804) 774-8311 or email us at 




​​Helping  Everyone in the Community with Access to Improved Hearing Health.

Lower it or lose it  tween- teen program.


            Last one for 2016! 

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Our mission is to prevent poor hearing health.


Our programs are available for individuals that reside in the Richmond and Tri-cities area.


those in need