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The Here2Hear Sign Language Club for Beginners

Thank you to everyone that sign up for the club.  We are currently full.

Please check our website and facebook page for future openings. 


the Community

​​Helping  Everyone in the Community with Access to Improved Hearing Health.

HERE2HEAR is a 501 (c3) charitable organization that provides a host of free services and programs related to hearing healthcare for children and adults in the Richmond and the surrounding areas.  Our mission is to prevent poor hearing health.



For those in need

Our mission is to prevent poor hearing health.


As a result of COVID -19, our office is closed to the public and programs have ceased. That doesn"t stop us from assisting the community.  We are still available. Please feel free to email, text or call us if you need assistance to include resources. 

our Programs


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Our Mission

We would like to continue to keep individuals that are Deaf and Hard of Hearing with updated information on COVID-19. Please visit the link below to view a series of videos that were composed by the CDC that answers the most common questions related to COVID-19.  The Videos area captioned and have sign language interpreters.​​

Do you know someone that is fluent in American Sign Language

that would like to engage with a fun virtual ASL Club?

                                                                         We are now recruiting ASL Supporters. 
To help facilitate the Sign Language Club meetings, there will be an ASL Supporter.  An ASL Supporter is a volunteer that is fluent in beginning sign language  and  willing to:                  

  • Answer questions regarding ASL from club members.
  • Provide support to the group regarding signing.*
  • Willing to participate in fun activities.
  • Dedicate 1 hour to participate in the meeting. There will be a total of 6 meetings that will be held at the end of each month.

   *ASL Supporters are not responsible for teaching club members. However, they will advise club members as needed to include           topics related signing.

 If you would like to volunteer as an ASL Supporter and be apart of a fun and  rewarding community experience or have additional questions,  please send an email to or call/text us at (804) 774-8311.

 ASL Supporters from a business, organization or university can also sponsor a meeting. More information will be provided for individuals that agree to participate.

Click the "Read More" button or visit the "Events" page  for more information on upcoming events.

Our programs are available for individuals that reside in the Richmond and the surrounding areas.

Upcoming EVents

Donating to Here2Hear is more important now than ever.

Like many non profit organizations, no one prepares for a pandemic, especially the abrupt financial challenges that will occur.  Our annual fundraisers that we depend on for funding have been severely impacted as a result of COVID-19, which results in less funding to provide our community programs such as free hearing screenings, exams for the uninsured and hearing aids for those that can not afford them.  This further impacts how we conduct our organization to include costs and fees to maintain the organization. 

There is no amount is too small to donate to Here2Hear.  We appreciate any amount that is given. Know that 100% of the donations given to Here2Hear goes directly to the organization and covers the cost of our programs and daily operations. We thank you in advanced for your support.


A community organization making a difference.